At The Feet Of Jesus.

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Lately, I’ve been thinking about this story. A story of extremes, if you ask me.. Whereby, The One who
stilled the waves (Mark 4:39) meets a man who is the very opposite of stillness, a man who “night and day among the tombs and in the hills he would cry out and cut himself with stones.” (Mark 5:5). Mind you, this is no parable. It’s a true, real story.

The first time I read about the Gerasene Demoniac I utterly empathized with this guy. Wait, no, I lied. Haha.. I didn’t have deep enough understanding then, so honestly, I was more of scared. Thank God for growth, revelations come in deeper ways nowadays (spiritual growth is good! Something to desire. I pray for more of it upon your life:))
Glory to the Lord:) I digress.
……… I read this story for the umpteenth time before I could gain good understanding and when I did, I utterly empathized with this guy. This man was too taken over by this demons that he could barely be likened to a human being. He was way too abnormal. On a slightly lighter note, I visualize him to be the then version of “The Incredible Hulk”.. coz maahn! the things he did!!!
He wore no clothes.. Lived in tombs instead of houses..he’d break the chains and shackles, and run off to the wild..!!way too much delirium!!

And then………
One PERFECTLY FINE afternoon, the PRINCE OF PEACE sets foot on the land of Gerasa. And something amazing happens..
At the name that EVERY knee bows, the demon-possesed man falls at the feet of Jesus. Remember, he’s too taken over by the demons, that it is no longer he but the demons in him that act, and speak and generally do everything!… The demons bow down at the feet of Jesus, trembling in fear.. And with their tongues, they confess (Luke 8:28) When he saw Jesus, he fell down
before him and shouted at the top of his voice,
“What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the
Most High God? I beg you, do not torment me for Jesus had commanded the unclean spirit
to come out of the man.
What power!

If you go on, reading this excerpt and actually conceptualize every moment..craft it all in your head like a will see just how crazy the whole scenario was.
From the craziest guy in Gerasa screaming all over the place, then he runs towards some stranger who has just stepped into the land..who exorcises the demons into pigs, which run and drown themselves into the sea (so weird!), to people getting so shocked and reacting in all manner of ways……so much going on… so much going on..!

Amidst all this craze.. there is one perfectly PEACEFUL place.
at the feet of Jesus.. Where the man from whom the demons had gone, was sitted, clothed! and in his right mind!
~Luke 8:35

At the feet of Jesus my dear..!
That is where we need to dwell.
There is profound peace, you will not want to let go.
Ask Mary, Martha’s sister, she knows..
She found a place of stillness, where she could cast all her cares, focus on the right things and feed her soul.
At the feet of Jesus, there is fellowship with the giver of all good things. At the feet of Jesus, there is nourishment.
Where do you find yourself tonight?

Love love!


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