My love and appreciation for live Gospel music led me to the dream of hosting live music concerts in a bid to bring the world to celebrate and appreciate live Kenyan Gospel music, to create a platform of my own and to gather people for an ultimate experience in the presence of the Almighty.

I held the first of this kind on the 14th of August, 2016 at the Kenya National Theatre where people from all walks of life gathered at the beautiful auditorium and enjoyed this self-sponsored concert that was organized by an amazing team comprising of my friends and family.

On this day, I also marked the launch of her debut Album, “Natamani Nikuone – The Album”. Among the other acts who came to support this drea, were, Kendi Nkonge, Chikhwaza, Son Afrique, Makena, Guardian Angel, Mercy Masika and Pitson who staged unforgettable performances.The event was hosted by Kabi Wa Jesus. and the gifted DJ Ruff brought a different twist to everything at different points within the programme.


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“I’m really beyond amazed.Words fail me.It was amazing to put together something so great all through the help of friends, my family, relatives and mentors.They owned the vision and worked tirelessly to see to it that it came to life and amidst lots of discouragement, they stood by me and did the BEST they could.And above all, God was glorified so powerfully on this day.A guy by the name Daniel gave his life to Christ and I know that great seeds were planted in the hearts of all who got to come. That humbles me. I feel like a big girl now, haha, the entire experience made me grow a whole lot and most importantly,I know God is happy. To many the grace of God!!


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