Natamani Nikuone – The Album



This thanksgiving song fell in my heart at a time when I was pondering heavily on the past couple of years of my life. I looked back and all I could see were seasons upon seasons of blessings, breakthrough, divine strength, divine aid, healing, provision, joy, peace and much more of what our good God gives in bountiful measure. In the highs and lows He has been with me. Even when I was young and innocent, knowing very little about Him, He was watching over my every step of growth. I envisioned a day in heaven, just one golden chance to see Him. I thought about what I could say to Him and all that came out of my heart was “THANKYOU”.. My heart was filled with thanksgiving.. In the season when I was writing this song, the understanding of the power of thanksgiving was being deposited in my heart heavily. And I put it all in a story……”Natamani Nikuone,, ndiyo tamaa ya moyo wangu, na nafsi yangu.. Umekuwa Mwema!!”
Audio Producer: Timothy Boikwa, Still Alive Records
Video Production: True Definition Pictures


Mengi nimeshasikia, uliyoyatenda
Mengi hata nami pia, naweza shuhudia
Katika siku zangu za giza, wewe umenituliza
Nimepenya kwenye giza, umenimulikia njia

Nikusujudie, nikuinamie, niseme nawe
Niushike mkono wako ewe oh , nitembee nawe

Natamani nikuone.. Eeh
Ndiyo tamaa ya moyo wangu
Na nafsi yangu  *2

Umekuwa mwemaaa *4

Nitakuwa nimetayarisha sadaka nikupe
Na sauti nimenyorosha na malaika niimbe
Sadaka za sifa
Naomba pokea
Sauti napaza, napaza
Naomba sikia

Bridge :
Natambua mimi dhaifu
Kama Musa ninavua viatu vyangu
Nikaribie utakatifu wako
Nimeoshwa na hiyo damu

Umekuwa mwemaaa *8

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(Swahili for “Defender”)
There’s something about those wee hours of the night. Creativity just seems to creep in so heavily. I was reading the book of 1st John, the first and second chapter. And almost immediately, I had lyrics and a tune and I was ready for my studio session the next day. I thought of my Jesus and how we walked on this dusty streets, faced temptation like we humans do and went through the various hardships that come with life..and how, because of all that, He can confidently stand in my defense before His Father when I go wrong and plead to be cleansed of my sin. I came to see an aspect of that later in Hebrews 2. I’m so so glad I have a MTETEZI!
Audio Producer : Timothy Boikwa, Still Alive Records
Video Production : True Definition Pictures

Duniani, pahali pa unafiki
Anasa usherati
Lakini Yesu, kwangu ni rafiki
Aingilia kati

Prechorus :
Tunaye mwombezi kwa Baba
Yesu, Mwenye haki
Mtetezi, Mtetezi

Chorus :
Mtetezi, Mtetezi wangu
Mtetezi, anaishi milele
Mtetezi, Mtetezi wangu
Mtetezi, nitamsifu milele

Nilisema, kwamba sina dhambi
Mimi mdanganyifu, ninakosea
Nikiziungama mbele zake zangu dhambi
Yeye mwaminifu, aniondolea

Bridge :
Kwa upendo wake sisi tunakamilika
Katufia msalabani, tunakamilika*2

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This upbeat tune talks about God’s grace and how it comes through in all situations. God’s grace goes above my intellect, financial situation, relationships, educational levels..literally everythin,  and it is not biased. Pitson wrote this song and I heard him sing it one time when I attended one of his band practice sessions. I loved it from the word go because it resonated perfectly well with me. He was telling my story. Oh how God works! He could tell how much I loved it and gave me the privilege to sing this beautiful song.
Audio Producer : Dominic Khaemba, Ageless Music

Video Production: True Definition Pictures


Mambo mimi nimeyaona na macho haya yangu
Mambo mimi nimesikia na masikio haya yangu
Mambo mimi nimeambiwa na rafiki zangu
Mambo mimi nimehisi moyoni mwangu

Prechorus :
Yangenifanya mimi kupotea
Yangenifanya mimi kushushika
Yangenifanya mi nirudi nyuma na kusahau agano Lako

Chorus :
Ni Neema Yako
(Bado nasimama)
Ni Neema Yako
(Bado mi naimba)
Ni Neema Yako
Ni Neema Yako
(Jehovah Adonai)

Ni Neema Yako
Ni Neema Yako
Ni Neema Yako
Ni Neema Yako

Verse 2 :
Sio masomo yangu
Sio bidii yangu
Sio hekima yangu
Sio ujuzi wangu
Sio vile mimi ninatoa sana kuliko wote
Sio vile mimi ninaishi vyema kuliko wote
Mambo hayo wanayopitia
Pia mimi ninapitia


Chorus :
Ni Neema Yako
(Oh Baba)
Ni Neema Yako
Ni Neema Yako
(Bado nikeokoka)
Ni Neema Yako

Ni Neema Yako
Ni Neema Yako
Ni Neema Yako
(Bado nasoma Neno)
Ni Neema Yako

Nishike mkono
Majaribu ya duniani yasiniangushe
Oh Baba nishike mkono
Majaribu yasiniangushe

Prechorus :
Yasinifanye mimi kupotea
Yasinifanye mimi kushushika
Yasinifanye mi nirudi nyuma na kusahau agano Lako

Chorus :
Ni Neema Yako
(Bado nasimama)
Ni Neema Yako
(Bado nasoma Neno)
Ni Neema Yako
Ni Neema Yako

Ni Neema Yako
(Oh neema Yako)
Ni Neema Yako
(Sio nguvu zangu)
Ni Neema Yako
Ni Neema Yako
(Oh Jehovah Shalom)

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Kama Sio Wewe Lyric Video
This was actually the very first song I recorded, in March 2015. I was just beginning to bring my vision into actualization and I joyously sought guidance, wisdom and advice from trusted sources in my life. Pitson, who is a long time friend and mentor, was helping me sharpen songwriting as a skill when we wrote Kama Sio Wewe. He came up with the concept and a tune and used the song to give me tips on good songwriting from his experience and prowess.
Psalms 124: “If the Lord had not been on our side….”
Audio Producer : Dominic Khaemba, Ageless Music


Ningekuwa wapi, ningefanya nini *2

Kama sio wewe *3
Ningekuwa wapi
Ningefanya nini
Kama sio wewe

Verse 1:
Tangu zamani
Tangu utotoni
Pendo langu kwako Yesu
Si la mali, wala hali
Baba, umenipa nini nikuamini
Roho yangu Yesu, umeiweza

Verse 2:
Hata kama sikuoni na macho ya kimwili
Bado naamini
Umetenda mengi mpaka siamini
Sifa zangu wastahili
Sauti yangu napaza, napaza
Sifa zako, nazitangaza, nazitangaza

Nakupenda Yesu, imenibidi niseme kwenye wimbo *4

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Jambo Kubwa Lyric Video
I wrote this song during the Easter season, when the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus filled the atmosphere. I couldn’t think of it any less than what it is; the greatest and most precious act of love in this world. And all this, He did for the sake of you and I, so that we can experience grace freely given and freedom from bondages of every kind.
Audio Producer : Timothy Boikwa, Still Alive Records


Kaonewa, asiyejua hata dhambi
Kahukumiwa, kwa ajili ya mimi mjeuri
Kautoa uhai wake, hukumu yote initoke
Kweli nimeshuhudia, upendo wa kweli nafahamu

Prechorus :
Jambo kubwa
Misumari michungu kachomwa
Jambo kubwa
Damu ya wokovu kafuja
Jambo kubwa
Sasa nami nimepona

Chorus :
Jambo kubwa *2

Kama jinsi magharibi, ilivyo mbali na mashariki
Ndivyo zilivyowekwa mbali zetu dhambi
Katika Yeye Mkuu, tunao ukombozi wetu
Mizigo mizito uu..
Msalabani natua

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Nimeonja Lyric Video
Psalms 34:8 “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.” My God is good. I love Him and I know He is good. I have tasted of His love.. He is indeed so good!
Audio Producer : Timothy Boikwa, Still Alive Records


Nimeonja pendo Lako
Nami najua We U mwema
Njia Zako nimezitambua
Kweli hakuna kama Wewe

Verse 1:
Kila wakati nitakuhimidi Bwana
Sifa Zako zi kinywani daima
Kwako wewe, nafsi yangu itajisifu
Wasikie wafurahie wanyenyekevu
Nilikutafuta ukanijibu
Ukaniponya kwa zangu zote masaibu
Usifiwe, uabudiwe Bwana
Hakuna kama Wewe

Verse 2 :
Nikiugua, Wewe waniponya
Nikianguka waniinua
Wewe ni ngao yangu pande zote
Sina hofu sibabaiki kamwe
Kwa sauti mimi nitaimba
Mataifa yote yasikie
Kuwa wewe pekee
Ndiye Mkuu

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Vyema Lyric Video
Honestly, if there is anything I long for in this world, it is to hear the Lord tell me, “We’ll done, good and faithful servant”. That greatly serves as a motivation to keep me doing what I do in ministry. For quite some time, I had wanted to write a song bearing this message and I was glad when it finally dropped in my heart. The narrow road is tough, but the crown of honour, is the best thing ever. Therefore, don’t be discouraged, instead, be a faithful steward. Please God.
Audio Producer : Sulex, Jumbo Sound Music


Njia nyembamba, si wengi walichagua
Lakini mimi mwana, kukufuata nimeamua
Hatari nachukua, sijui nitakayopitia
Kazi ya msalaba, nipe nitafanya

Prechorus :
Nikutumikie Bwana
Niwaonyeshe upendo Wako
Kazi nitakamilisha
So I can hear you say..

Chorus :
Vyema, mwaminifu
Kazi umekamilisha
Taji nitakuvisha

Lord You are the fire in me
Wema wako Wewe nitanena mimi
Vizuizi nitavipita, kwani neema wewe wanipa Baba
Furaha ya moyo wangu
Ni kuliinua jina lako juu

Baba nikutumikie
Wana wako niwahudumie
Kazi nitafanya
So I can hear you say

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Mjaribu Leo Lyric Video
featuring Nasara.
This praise song gets me in an elated mood. It basically portrays God as more than everything I need, if that is even grammatically correct to say. Haha.. As I was writing  it, I felt Nasara would make it sound even better and I’m glad he was ready and willing to work with me on it.
God will supply all your needs, according to His riches in glory. I really want the world to know this God I know. He is amazing. If you haven’t received Him in your life, please open the door of your heart today.
Audio Producer : Majic Mike, Code Red Studios


Wakiniona, wanashangaa wakicheki jinsi mie ninang’aa
Wakiniskia, wapigwa na butwaa wakikumbuka jinsi nimetoka far

Prechorus :
Sio nguvu zangu no
He’s everything and more
Kila siku sifa ntampa more *2

Chorus :
Mjaribu leo, Baba
He is everything and more *2

Kila kukicha bila kulipa
Jibu ni Jesus, vako ya CITAM
Sina reason ya kujiskia
Nina digaga na vision ni clear
Jina ni Jesus
God is with us
Siri ni msalaba
His grace and mercy oh so humbling
Penzi la dhati I am is dumpling
He is the King, He is the Lord
He is everything and more (yessir)

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