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God is before all beginnings; the Beginning of beginnings. Our beginnings find meaning in Him.

Happy New Year Friends:) Time to finally dust off these streets and clear the cobwebs!

It’s always a joy to connect with you in this form. Karibu hapa : )

I love beginnings, I love fresh yes, I love New Year’s. I enjoy looking through my feed to different narrations on how the past year has been and the stated expectations of the next. It fascinates me how a year, a month, a day; can be a completely different experience for each one. Life’s like a fingerprint, ey? Even where experiences were shared, there is a difference in how each one received, perceived and processed it - one of life’s most intriguing things, in my eyes.

I’d just like to start us off this 2019 by encouraging you that there is grace for that which you dream and desire. From our lives’ conception to the awaited eternity, God nourishes and secures the souls, hopes and desires of His people. The life we choose to live for Him and in Him is fully enabled by Him. That’s why you need not worry about tomorrow (Matt 6:25-34). That’s why you’ve got to believe that you can do all things, because He is the strongest of all and He is your strength (Phil 4:13). God provides all the resources that we need for the work that we do for Him. It puts my anxieties to rest when I acknowledge that my competences, skills and strengths can’t to as much for me as a pump of divine energy would thrust me to do. Therefore, to put hope in our strengths would be to set ourselves up for a plateau life whether immediately or eventually.

When we receive Christ, He breathes new life into our hearts that we may gain a new heart which longs for Him and desires to obey Him since our natural hearts gravitate towards sin, are hardened to His love and resistant to His ways. He then justifies (declares free from the penalty of sin) those sinners who trust in His work rather than in their merits or goodness to make them acceptable to God. And He numbers us among His children instead of being counted as heaven’s outcasts, making us His precious treasure through the grace of adoption. As His children, He requires of us a particular way of life, which He doesn’t just sit back and watch us figure it out on our own. Rather, through His Spirit, He works His will in us as we live and work to honor Him. He graces us, He guides us and He is always with us – to those of us who make Him our Alpha.

God is before every beginning. He is The Alpha. Our “was” is fully in His understanding, our “is” is completely engulfed in Him and He firmly holds our “is to come”. If so, what really can we do apart from God? What are we devoid of Him? As He nudges and convicts you, reaching out to you in His love..accept Him and life shall have meaning. 2019 shall have meaning and it’ll be worth living. Being the Beginning of all beginnings, He is certainly not afraid to begin again with you or refresh you. As you set goals and make new resolves, He cares about them all and He want to encase them all in His love and work through them to fulfill His will for your life.

I sincerely wish you a beautiful year ahead. May the good Lord cover you. May your work bear fruit. Most importantly, may every moment make you better that you were the minute before.

Rev 1: 8

“I Am the Alpha and the  Omega,”says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”

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