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One thing stands true, we are all leaking. We all have a loose nut. We’re all flawed. And some of these leaks, we can work towards fixing..

14th August, 2017

Yester-morning I was doing the dishes after breakfast, as usual and a few minutes into it, I realized the water wasn’t going down the sink strainer. As a first measure, I just picked up the suction pump to unblock the drainage but after trying for a while, it didn’t work out. Of course, when your sink gets to this point, you know it’s time to get down and dirty…..

Karibu hapa:)

To be honest I was just tryna come up with an amazing intro for this because that’s what bomb writer’s do..haha! And yeah, it’s gonna blend in somewhere, best believe!

One thing stands true, we are all leaking. We all have a loose nut. We’re all flawed. “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” – that’s what it says in Romans 3:23, but verse 24 redeems this catastrophe when it says, “...and all are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” The second thing that stands true though is that this grace does not change things like a super power – instantaneously for eternity; instead, it is working continually within us because in this fallen world, there will always be a battle bigger than any World war, the battle between the spirit and the flesh. For this war constantly raging, there are adequate doses of mercy anew each waking day. God is so good!

I’ll tell you one thing you do not want to do. You do not want to spit on grace and in the end plead for mercy. God is currently seated on the mercy seat but a time will come when He will get up from it and sit on the judgment seat. Too often, we justify that a certain amount of sin is okay, and we use secular reasoning to do it. Too often, we rationalize a certain amount of sin as okay, as we are all sinners and God will forgive us. And too often, the sin is so deeply embedded that we don’t notice it anymore. Thing is, every flood begins with a puddle and every puddle begins with a leak.

To fix a leak, you’ve got to be alert and conscious. It’s pretty interesting how so many of us live in our houses unwary of the cracks on our walls, until the day our house comes tumbling down on us and we wonder where it began. But you didn’t see it! It’s amazing that if you become blind to your own sin, you don’t even know you are blind, and Satan likes it that way. It gives Him room to move around your house, do whatever He likes, like an invisible genie. You won’t see him mess things up, you will only be hit hard by the effects. A lot can come in to cloud our vision – responsibilities, frustrations, change, you name it. It’s not the enemy Himself, he ain’t that powerful, he only takes advantage.

“Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

1 Peter 5:8

“Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The Spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

Mark 14:38

Be watchful. Develop good spiritual eyesight. Be so in touch with yourself that you know when things that ain’t right are creeping in. Then be diligent enough to fix it when you see it.

This job ain’t an easy one, neither is it the cleanest. Our sink was blocked. I had to completely dismantle the system to get that white plastic enclosure out and remove all the stuff that piled up in there over time. Yes yes, it was filthy, but we need a properly functioning sink! You will need to get down and dirty, depending on how long you’ve been leaking and how much damage the leak has made. A spiteful attitude doesn’t build up in a day. If you dig down deep, you may realize that you’re just way too mean because you were bullied as a child. So, sometimes this process takes you down deep, and here are the tools you need: strength to accept what you find, grace to rummage through the filth, patience to clean up, and resilience to put things back into place.

This life is about the little things we do every day. It’s about the details. God put in my heart to see life that way and ever since, I feel so much more in control of my world. I know when I’m doing the best I can. I know when I’m slacking. I know when the motives behind a certain action are wrong. I know me in and out such that no one can come into my house and rule over that easily. They’ve got to get through a strong will, a stronger understanding and an even stronger foundation. Don’t make it easy to fall prey! This lion is always on the move, roaming about, and if and when he catches you offguard……….you just don’t wanna get there.

Let us pray:

“Precious Holy Spirit, I welcome you to find a home in my heart. By myself I cannot see it all. On my own, I may not easily tell when I’m losing my way. Please help me see clearly. Help me notice even the slightest of mishaps in my being. Give me the grace I need to stand strong against all adversary, to put into use the power that you give me against sin and to journey through life within the borders of God’s will. Journey with me Holy Spirit, I welcome you into every detail.”

In Jesus Name,



Much love,

74 hugs,


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