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‘glitch’... ‘a malfunction, irregularity, fault, inadequacy, weakness’.

Take your glitch, shine with it, to the glory and honour of the Almighty!

9th Dec, 2016

I’m a lover of good grammar. So just before we continue, allow me to introduce you to the newewst word in my vocabulary - ‘glitch’, which means – ‘a malfunction, irregularity, fault, inadequacy, weakness’. I bet that hints at our focal message today. Karibu hapa:)

So, one day, Mbithe Ngala texted me on my Facebook Page. One of the several messages that cause my heart to melt. Love and appreciation is to be cherished. She said she loved my blog. I smiled. Then she asked me about how I overcame shyness (following a post on my social media pages of a video of one of my performances, where I expressed my thanksgiving to God for giving me the courage to stand before men and serve – courage I wasn’t sure I’d ever possess). But this part of the message got me a little blank. I wasn’t sure what to tell Mbithe, because I wasn’t even sure I’d really, actually, overcome the shyness. I promised her I’d share about it on one of my posts, in faith that I’d have the right words to say. I too, needed to learn the answer to that question. Then I learnt something this week. And here we are..:)

Oh, and just to put it out there…This ain’t a “how-to” post. Some things in life don’t really have a formula.

To be honest, I’d never seen weakness in this perspective, until Steven Furtick of Elevation Ministries spoke into my life last Tuesday evening. He told the story of Paul as we see in 2 Corinthians 10. At this point, Paul is facing heavy opposition from false apostles at Corinth. Mildly and humbly, the apostle addresses his opposers who in all cruelty are condemning him and criticized his letters, citing that they are weighty and forceful yet in person he is unimpressive and his speaking amounts to nothing (vs. 10). Harsh words, ey? And so, Paul humbly defends his ministry all through this chapter, intending to make it clear to this people that he was simply living in his divine purpose.

For as long as I’ve known Paul, my image of him was of a bold preacher who went from town to town powerfully spreading the message of Christ. I envisioned people mesmerized and startled as he went on and on preaching. Then I read this chapter and it dawned on me that this guy had quite a glitch. His preaching was considered low and of no account. I visualize people mumbling as he tried to preach, mocking his appearance, and probable lack of excellent public speaking skills. Now, that explains why Eutychus fell off his seat from the third floor as Paul went on and on preaching. LOL. Quite comic.

Paul said it himself in the first verse of 2nd Corinthians 10, that he was rather humble and quiet in person but in contrast, quite bold and assertive in his letters. 1st Corinthians 1:17 – Again Paul admits of no clever oratical skill but actually underscores his lack of eloquence, saying “…so that the cross may not be emptied of its meaning. Even though he wrestled with it, he was aware of his inadequacy, but even more aware of his God. Therefore, he gloried at his fault, because God’s power came through perfectly in his weakness (2 Cor 12:9). The secret wasn’t in all he could do, but in the grace of God working through him.

Back to my story, as I pen out.. I cannot count the number of days I have literally cried myself to sleep because I felt my weaknesses screaming loudly in my spirit, making my heart so sore. Even worse, I once had a best friend who really mocked me and put me down because I had a ‘tiny’ voice, a bigger forehead than anyone else she knew and a lot more that crushed the life out of me (I didn’t realize the damage until later). Just as recently as this August, when I was preparing for my first major concert, I hurt a lot and worried myself sick over my voice that slides off-key at times and the fact that I cannot sing like ‘her’. With most of these stuff, it never really comes to an actual halt..instead, it’s all about progress as we grow deeper in God. He empowers you afresh each day and gives you greater resilience and strength as you tread on.

See, I realize that my weaknesses are no surprise to God and He cannot let me use weaknesses as an excuse for not doing what He asked me to do. I understand that since God called me to do it, then I shouldn’t be able to do it without Him and if at all I can, then it’s most probably not a God-thing! When God calls you, He empowers you with His strength which works through you, making you sufficient for the task. God created us with weakness, and that was no mistake. Sometimes what God leaves out is as important as what He puts in. He is God Almighty, all knowing and overflowing with grace. He will use you! Not just inspite of it..but BECAUSE of it. It’s because Paul couldn’t preach like Apollos that he wrote like Paul. Because, look at this, this same guy wrote about two thirds of the New Testament and God used him so powerfully in ways that minister to us to date.

Take your glitch, shine with it, to the glory and honour of the Almighty!


From my heart,


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