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I'm so big on loving people!

24th Feb, 2017

I love my church. It’s a real home. Among the many things I love around my church, is the beautiful smiles and warm hugs of the children. Oh! So sweet! They love meJ I don’t know..I just somehow seem to get along with all kids in the world. Haha. I teach them too, a couple of times. One of my best friends from church is called Latasha. I plan on teaching her (them) this song as it was taught to me.

(Insert the sweet melodious voice of a little child)

“This is my commandment; that you love one another, that your joy, may be fuuuulllll!”

(Please tell me you know this song….hahaha)

Somewhere far back in my memory, I can still hear my mini me’s voice softly singing along to this song as it was taught to me by my Sunday School teacher. I can still envision my tiny hands tenderly meeting together from time to time clapping to the rhythm of this tune, with the same wide smile on my face (a couple of teeth missing), and wide-set eyes that smile along. I didn’t understand what I was singing, but I was strong to it either way. From the mouth of children, He calls forth His praise, you know. At that moment, I didn’t know how deeply those words would carry weight in my life ahead.

Fast forward. A couple of years later, that same girl keeps sharing “Love God. Love People.” – one of her most favorite phrases to live by. Of course, like any other thing, it is a daily reminder to self that loving people is very important to God and that it has a domino effect on me – my joy is made full.

Hey..friend….Lemme tell you something, eh. God’s BIGGEST investment is in people. One; Man is the most precious of His beings, created in His image and likeness (Gen 1:26-27). Two; It is man that God places gifts, talents, ideas. He works through man (empowered by the Holy Spirit) to make things happen in the physical realm. Even to make things happen for each other (eg: destiny helpers). Three; It is through how we live with each other that we learn the greatest and most important Kingdom lessons, second to how we relate with God (see the commandments).

As His child, what matters to Him should matter to you. You can’t live a fulfilling life in Christ if you can’t relate well with other human beings.

Wherever we go, whatever we do, the heart of the matter remains that “For God so loved the world, that WHOSOEVER (even that person you do not like) believes in Him, shall not perish but have eternal live.” It all comes down to LOVE! In the 22nd chapter of Matthew, Jesus gives us what He called the greatest commandment. Such that even if we choose to ignore everything else He says, these two stand. He says, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”….“Love your neighbor as yourself” In short, Love God..Love People!

In the world we live in today, I see a general deficiency of love in Facebook posts and comments (hello trollers!), Instagram posts, leave alone tweets. If anything, the places most at war are the religious sites and Pastor’s pages and comment boxes..hehe..where brothers (and sisters) raise dust about who knows scripture best, who is sinning more than the other and all that ‘judge not’ mumbo-jumbo. It’s okay to engage but where is the love? We forget what God requires of us in how we relate with each other. Love has been covered up in ideologies, philosophies, traditions and opinions about/towards each other, such that we cannot see each other through eyes of love and grace.

Where is the love??!!Lost in episodes of disappointments and frustrations? Covered up by the idea of being hurt and feeling unloved and unappreciated? Whitewashed by all the insults hurled at you? Buried by unreciprocated love? Yeah.. I know, it seems like I don’t get you, but believe me, I know what it feels like to be hurt by even the bestest of friends. In the same same measure, I know what it feels to receive such an amazing love that I truly do not deserve. The constant reminder that I’m not even close to worthy of the love that God gives gets me doing my best each day to love so deeply and selflessly – even those who do not deserve it.

One last thing. Jesus said, “..give Caesar what belongs to Caesar”, because it was Caesar’s image on those pennies…”…and to God what is God’s” – Matt 22:21. Beyond responding to the issue of paying taxes, in His interesting parabolic ways He was also communicating the idea of investing in each other, as human beings. Whatever you do or say in your daily interactions with others is an investment into their hearts.

Heeyy..from the depth of my heart I really want you to get this. Love is a huge Kingdom principle. I pray that the hurts and pains of our hearts will be unburied and cleansed as we come to ourselves and to the realization of what God really requires of us. As you stand fast His promise to be the Cornerstone that stands firm in your life, may He make you an oasis….a peaceful place…and a haven for the hearts He sends your way. May kindness be ever on your lips and gentleness emanate from your spirit. Wake up each day to this reminder: Love God, Love People.

You are loved,


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