“Man shall not leave on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

Matt 4:4

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“Man shall not leave on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

Matt 4:4


We were sharing with my Momma last evening about our seasons; where we’re at in life, what we’re praying about and all; and we are mutually in a place of soaking deep in God’s love, pressing into Him and learning the true meaning of worship.

Understanding GOD’S LOVE and the TRUE meaning of WORSHIP has literally changed my life. And no, this is not one of those cliché statements.

Karibu hapaJ Today I’d like to share my heart and mind on what worship means to me and its functional power in my life.

Rewind to the beginning, when Jehovah was creating.....we see a great difference in how He went about creating man. The second account brings us into clearer insight on the process He took. First, he moulded the dust from the ground (flesh) and then, He breathed into man’s nostrils - the breath of life (spirit) - and man became a living being (Gen 2:7). That there, is UNIQUE. For man to be a true living being, his flesh and spirit are inseparable; you can’t have one without the other. And yes yes, they’ve been in constant conflict since the fall of man – story for another day. Bottom-line, you and I are unique from the rest of God’s creation in that, we bear something that strongly connects us to Him.

There’s something interesting about God’s creation. Fish cannot survive outside aquatic environment; neither can a cow survive submerged in water, or flying in the sky. Here’s the principle: everything God created cannot survive unless it remains attached to its environment. For man, who has a spirit, detachment from his Maker will for sure have him void and empty, whether He is aware of it or not because spirit connects to spirit. It’s not possible to live life in its fullness disconnected from the One who made you.  Even if you experience joy, it’s not joy from the Spirit. The Spirit makes the difference.

“Man shall not leave on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

Matt 4:4

Man was created to host the Spirit of God and it is the Spirit that gives man the identity of God. This is why the ministry of the Holy Spirit is very vital for any believer – He’s the power of God; a part of the Trinity that cannot be ignored. Spirit connects to spirit creating what we then call an altar – the contact point between heaven and earth. When you have the spirit of God, you can converse and connect with God.

“And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws.”

Ezekiel 36:27

What is worship?

Worship in the basic sense, is all about responding to who God is – both in the inner essence of it and in the outward expression. It’s being so into Him whether He does or doesn’t do; and if you look really close, you will realize He is always doing something. He is a loving Father who always means well. It’s treasuring Him above all other things.

The heart of worship is LOVE

Worship is how we respond to that which we value the most. The intensity and sincerity of worship is dependent on the value we dedicate to a certain thing or deity. Therefore, getting our hearts right when it comes to worship begins with inclining them in the right direction.

You will never go wrong, when you choose the God way of life.

Worshipping in Spirit and in truth

Being a true worshipper is about being a spirit-worshipper; worshipping from the spirit. It is creating an altar in our heart, where the mighty wonders of a real heaven can meet our imperfect selves and work in power. A right spiritual and affectionate grasp of God’s true value is vital when it comes to worshipping Him because when our spirits are right with Him, our worship is rich and authentic. The sanctuary of God is our hearts and they need to be home enough for God to dwell. Our hearts need to warmly accommodate Him and all He upholds. We’ve got to LOVE Him.

Love, in itself is a very deep concept, and as I’ve come to understand, when it comes to living a life totally sold out to God, love is the epicenter. Among the amazing things I have learnt through this journey of pursuing God is that, the more in love I grow in Him, the more I desire to do that which pleases Him. True value for God births pure and sincere worship.

“If you LOVE me, keep my commands.”

~John 14:15

John 4: If I would put myself in the mind of the woman at the well, I see a turmoiled mind, torn among thoughts of whether God is gracious enough to open the door that she may come back in or that she’s too much a mess in herself to think about it in the first place. So like many of us. Until she meets the Messiah in person, experiences this great love first hand and gains an understanding of who He is, what He’s like – and it really opens her eyes.

Worshipping IN TRUTH is about coming forth to the Almighty with understanding of His nature. We need to worship a God we know and understand. He has given us a manual, the Bible and a Teacher, the Holy Spirit. Misconceptions we may have about God can be huge barriers in our worship.

Therefore, the inner essence of worship is where a sincere love from the heart meets with sober knowledge of the mind and offers genuine adoration and sacrifice to the King of kings.

“Lift your hands and worship”

Worship leaders like this phrase. Well, when it’s foreign to you, it may not really feel comfortable at first. I remember the first time I went into a fellowship where people were lifting their hand with tears streaming down their faces, some kneeling down, others laying prostate, ladies unconcerned about mascara (thank Jesus for waterproof mascara!), others just calmly muttering words with their heads bowed and arms on their chest. It was a bit awkward for me, having had a more reserved understanding prior, but beyond that, there was something about it that just had me feeling like I was missing out on something powerful. I wasn’t gonna fake it so I worshipped my way and the blessing didn’t pass me regardless.

I’m a worship leader now. A lot more grown now, especially in faith. I use that line too but not just because. I came to comprehend that all these gestures symbolize what is burning up from the inside. Whatever you feel led from your spirit to do as an outward demonstration of your worship, do it without fear, without concern about who is watching because worship is personal. Oh, and lemme just throw it in here; they’re most probably so soaked in their worship, they can’t look at you. Haha. I also believe that anything that emanates from a sincere place will be sober and not distractive. So you do your thing, your way.

Lifting of hands is a universal sign of surrender, which is a very important element of a life in Christ. We tend to hold on to a lot in our human nature, but the art of surrender puts you in your rightful place as a beloved child of a Father who holds so many promises for you. There are times when I have gone into worship so angry and disappointed and I don’t feel like I wanna do all that, then I just lift my hands and there’s something about that gesture that softens my heart and I just surrender. Sometimes even these outward gestures get our hearts and spirits to comply and loosen up.

Worship is not about the quality of the music. It’s not about whether the lyrics are displayed on the screen before a beautiful background or on a plain one. Worship is a HEART thing. God does not require some kind of perfect, complicated worship act. It doesn’t have to be all put together. I don’t dispute that we need to give our best, putting in all the aspects of excellence, but all that will be null if the hearts aren’t right.

Worshipping with my life

Worship is not something you do. It’s the way you live. It doesn’t just happen in the physical, it’s about being found in the presence of God every moment. True worship is founded in learning how to stay with God; having His fire burn from the inside of you every moment of your life.

I just put down the book “Between Sundays” whose theme centres around the truth that a sincere life in Christ is not just about what you do on Sunday, but what you do between Sundays. Every part of us needs to be surrendered in reverence to God such that it affects our every move. That’s how people will see Jesus in you every time they have an encounter with you or like your photo on Instagram. That’s how your light shines. If our body are not presented or involved in the worship we give, our worship is carnal. Until it costs you your flesh (dying to self), it will never be intentional, just convenient.


Worship is a really powerful tool for every believer. It’s a great privilege to be able to connect with the Creator. I pray this has helped you.

Love love,


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