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There is a stillness and quiet that comes with the morning that is very peaceful and makes it easy for your heart to tune into rhythms of praise and worship.

29th Jan, 2017

Another week gone by and my heart is full of thanks. I’m glad you’re here:)

This weekend sort of caught me off-guard; so, this morning when I woke up I thought about what I wanted to share with you and you know what? I feel God tryna make me a morning person.

For as far as my memory can take me, I have never been a morning person (and yes, there is something like that!lol). The alarm clock is ever and always a rude awakening; that is, on the days that I even hear it (kinda kidding). And because I snooze like a pro, I often wake up and get right into spreading my bed brushing my teeth….on and on, and before I know it, I’m off to wherever I need to be. Most times when I have tried to have my quiet time with God in the morning, I have either fallen back to sleep or found my mind wandering in an effort to stay awake. Many times, therefore, I say my prayers and read my morning devotionals on my way or a few hours into the day when I come up for air from the morning hysteria.

It’s been a ‘the-Spirit-is-willing-but-the-flesh-is-weak’ situation for me with the early morns but I’m just about getting started with trying harder.

Two scriptures have been doing rounds in my heart regarding this: Prov 8:17 “Those that seek me early shall find me.” And in the words of David, “In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly”. It’s clear, as we see it in Matthew 6:33, that God wants to take first place in our lives. He desires to be top on our priority lists and if you know Him and love Him, you don’t question His precepts but do your best to submit in obedience.

Earlier this year, the Holy Spirit whispered to my heart, “How can you honor God with your firsts?” In the days of Moses, God instructed him to expose the secret of overwhelming blessings to His chosen people, the Israelites. This secret was in offering the first fruits of their harvests, way before they could store them for consumption or prepare them for sale. It was a basic principle He introduced them to back then and it still applies in present day. As a diligent Christian, for example, soon as your pay checks in, you should set aside your tithe, before you get to settling bills and getting the flashy shoes you sighted at the store. The Spirit of God led me into thinking about all this and I didn’t have to think too far to realize that there was something missing in the way that I honored God with my firsts -because I believe it goes beyond just the wealth. I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that my days could get better if I literally started them with Jesus.

Let’s briefly get to the practical aspect of it, as I conclude:

Why morning?

There is a stillness and quiet that comes with the morning that is very peaceful and makes it easy for your heart to tune into rhythms of praise and worship.

There are few or no distractive notifications on your phone and you are less likely to be distracted by a call (as much as possible, the phone should stay away when we are spending time with God)

You set a good pace for the day. Since you know that God has gone before you, you take on your tasks with confidence and stay calm even when things get a little stormy.

Your mind is more alert at this point, and it’s easier to focus on God without getting distracted by thoughts and unplanned agendas.

I hope this helps a soul out there:)

All my love,


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