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18th January, 2017. Hello :) And happy belated new year. I’m glad you’re here..even more glad that I too am here, after a not so sudden bout of writer’s block. It started with the songs, I just couldn’t seem to pen down any..and now the blogposts??!!Not even my editorial list could help come up with something. Frustrating you bet.

I’ve had a sort of long morning – early salon appointment, was to have a pre-recorded interview at 11am but they cancelled at 11:02, so I resorted to running some errands. Shopping for a friend’s gift has never been this hard, from mall to mall, store to store. I’m tired and hungry. 14:19hrs; finally at ArtCaffe. I was hoping their Jumpstart smoothie would jumpstart me but I don’t seem to enjoy it, most probably because of the honey, and I don’t like mint in anything else but chocolate. And no, I’m not whining. I love the ambience though. ‘Faith, Hope and Love’ album by Hillsong United in my ear (‘Aftermath’ is my current fave though). Just the perfect environment that births a nice article. I feel I’m good to go, in trust that something good will come out of this post. Karibu hapa:)

I don’t know how exactly to describe January. To some it is the time when fresh beginnings are birthed as resolutions are made; they have renewed energy, regenerated zeal and refreshed minds. New levels for the school-going. To others, it’s the least fun month of the year since their pockets don’t permit them to spend around as much they would wish to. I LOVE memes; but these “njaanuary” jokes, ah-ah, enough already. Lol. Prayer centres are a common place for many Christians as they set the pace for the year hand in hand with the Master. A few birthdays here and there. Not so far from normalcy, if you ask me. Just a simple month that carries a life of its own.

Most times, I fall in the first category. The planner and strategist in me won’t even let me get to the first of the next year without a vision of it, or something close. I fill my journals with hopes and dreams and pray about them too. Having my will aligned with His is important to me. This January, more than ever, I realize something that brought me to this question – “what happens when I start slow?”

You know how I’ve been feeling? …Like the starter pistol went off and everybody else sped of……vrooooooom!!! leaving me behind. I had strategized just like them. I had prayed just like them. Probably more, probably less, but either way, I did it the best way I could. That always feels like a problem, when you look at the people all around the stadium (picture life); some worried whether you’re hurt, others just wondering what would be wrong with you and painfully, others jeer. But what if it’s the best you can do at that point? Is that a problem? Will I ever really catch up?

Most teachings and sermons around tend to dance to the rhythm of prosperity, happiness, wealth, you name it; whearas as a part of life comes pain, failure, sadness, heartbreaks and stuff of these kind. Lately, I’ve been at a place whereby, I have the skeleton well shaped and laid out but I just cannot seem to fill the flesh onto it, and I know I’m not alone. I was one good worrier by the way. Situations like this would get me down in a rubble but over time, I have come to understand that these things too, are a apart of life and they need to be tackled head on while they exist. Such a struggle comes in different ways, at different times for different people because each of our lives is unique. It may not really be the beginning of the year. Probably all your friends are dating (or getting married) and you aren’t. Probably you just graduated, most of your classmates found a job placement and you haven’t. I feel so deeply that I need to tell you this: it’s not always about catching up with the rest, but about getting to the finish life.

Through life, you will notice that as long as God is scripting your every story, then that is the most important thing. There is no prize for whoever completes higher education first, buys a house first and all that. The Bible says, ‘Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do,and He will show you which path to take.’ Prov 3:5-6. We serve a God who walks with us, who desires the best for us. He will not let your foot stumble for He never sleeps (Ps 121:3). In the deserts and dry places, He will still make a provision. You only need to stay in faith. There is no figure in the Bible who received full instructions for his life’s choices, no one for whom the future wasn’t a mystery. Abraham was sent to the mountains without a lamb for sacrifice. Noah built the ark all the way up without the slightest sign of rain. You have to walk in close step with God. At this point, your steps may be weak and limp, but the Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in Him (Ps 37:23)

I trsut this has come as an encouragement to someone. My desire for my ife this year is to grow in all aspects; to become a better person in general. What’s yours?

My wishes for you is that this year will be beautiful. May you grow. May your feet’s grip grow firm with each step. Great things lie ahead. Just stay in faith:)



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