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“God, shrink the gap between Your heart and mine and grow within me a giant love for You.”

28th Oct, 2016

Laura is my good name as you know:) My Momma named me after her then favorite musician by the way – she was Laura Branigan. Power in a name, you would say..haha. I don’t know how long I’ve been born again and I don’t really know if it’d be right to say that I’ve been born again all my life..hahaha. Mine’s a simple story though. I was born and raised of Christian parents. They walked different paths in life, their stories are quite different but they met in one place – a place of reverence and honour to the Almighty and they wanted to pass it down to their children. So, all through from childhood, we’d go to church almost literally every Sunday and pray together as a family as often as possible. Mum and Dad also set a good example for Cris and I in their demeanor – in their words, deeds and instruction to us. Basically, much of what I am today has been passed down to me by my parents. When I was about 13 years old, a lot was becoming clearer about my life and my purpose and that is when I fully decided to go the God way.

It’s been a beautiful journey. Falling in love with Jesus is definitely the best thing I’ve ever done. In its ups and downs, all I have seen is more of Jesus. I’ve grown more, learnt Him more and seen Him work through me more. But I still want MORE. And lately, that feeling has been heavy on my heart. See, everyday presents an opportunity to pursue a closer relationship with God. You can have enough of Him! As for me, I want to pursue more of Him until my whole life is saturated with His power. This piece, is dedicated to someone like me. And if you like me right now, I hope that by the end of this piece you will wanna join the movement.

I realize that for me to fill my life with more of Him, there’s got to be some stuff that I should check for, to ensure that they give enough space for the Holy Spirit to work within me. Here, I could help us with a checklist: materialism, unhealthy competition, slander, jealousy, unnecessary drama, negative thinking, anger, laziness, lust, fear…..the list could go on. One thing I know for sure is that for proper growth to occur, certain things have to be abandoned. I encourage you to conduct a self-check and see what you’ve got to get rid of with the help of the Holy Spirit. God wants you to die of your own desires  and yield to His desires for you so you can experience the best life possible.

Seeking God heavily involves digging deeper into His Word and communicating with Him through prayer. That way, we are able to understand what He requires of us and conform to His will. The Word, in its transforming power, renews our mind and makes us more like Him each day. Praise Him! Not for what He has done but simply for who He is. Worship Him in your lifestyle.

Pursue to hear more of God’s voice in your ear. Keep in mind that any authentic message from God is biblical (straight from God’s Word), personal (in the language of your own life) and powerful (resulting in lives either being changed for the better or saved).

Pursue more of His tears in your face. Jesus understands you and He cares for you. He cries with you and meets you halfway through your problems to help you find the perfect solutions to them. He died for you. There is nothing He cannot do for you. Surrender!

Pursue more of His dirt on your hands. Serve God humbly, obediently and gladly. Ask Him to reveal to you various areas through which you can serve Him and bring a great harvest. Serve others, even when it’s not convenient. Because for as long as you live in the confidence that God’s got you, then you will keep your troubles behind you and do what you’ve got to do. The quality of your connection to Jesus determines the abundance of your fruit. Through the power of the Holy Spirit that lives within you, your efforts will bear fruit, your joy will be made full and your cup will overflow with blessings from above.

Pursue more of His love in your heart. God is love itself. Only He can teach us how to love perfectly, even when the other person least deserves it. A heart that genuinely loves is a heart that is blessed and happy.

“God, shrink the gap between Your heart and mine and grow within me a giant love for You.”

Glory to Jesus.

Lotsa wendo,


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