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Hey doll..

I have been thinking about you, desiring to share with you something girl to girl. Grab your cup, I made you some coffee!!:)

I love the Word and I love to be keenly contextual when dealing with it, for the sake of right understanding of the truth as God meant it. I came across Matthew 7:6 some time this week. It says “do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet and turn and tear you to pieces.”

Contextually, Christ had just finished talking about judgment and reproof. This is where the “do not judge” scripture that people use to convince themselves they ain’t really sinning that bad (lol!), came up. He went on to tell his audience that the gospel, as precious as a pearl, need not be presented to those who will ridicule, reject, blaspheme and trample over it. Not to mean that we should refrain from sharing the Gospel but when it becomes apparent that the Gospel is not warmly received, ‘shake off the dust’ and move on. Besides, it is foolishness to those who are perishing. Story for another day..For today, allow me to share with you a perspective that will be more pertinent to our feminity.

Welcome here hun:)

You know what pearls are, right? You probably even have them in your jewelry collection. For centuries, pearls have been a symbol of beauty and purity. What’s more amazing is that even though some of us don’t literally have them in our jewelry box (mahn are they expensive!), we all have pearls in the inside of us. That’s what I felt in my spirit when I read this verse. My thoughts took me to the girl..the lady..the woman, and the load of preciousness that she bears.

The woman was made by God of a rib out of the side of her Adam. Not out of his head to rule over him, no. Not out of his feet to be trampled by him, ah-ah, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected by him, and near his heart to be beloved of him. That’s how wonderfully God made it to be, until that ole serpent showed up. Now here we are, some of us trying so hard to prove the unbiblical “what a man can do, a woman can do better” while some of us can almost bow down and worship this being and give all we are for his ‘love’, attention and possessions in return.

It breaks my heart to see or think of a woman selling herself short. But you know what? Maybe, it’s because she doesn’t understand the pearls deep within the sands of her being. Besides, who would explain it to her? Mama ain’t there, big sisters too busy painting nails and they don’t wanna mess ‘em up for anything – they too, most probably don’t even know this whole pearl thing. And as for the Bible, she just hasn’t gotten to that part yet, that’s if she reads it at all. Hunnay, you’ve got three super precious pearls that the swines will enjoy if you don’t treasure them, and that’s what I’d like us to dig up today.

  • Your heart
  • Your emotions
  • Your sexuality

There are three things that can tear a woman apart; when her heart is splintered, when her emotions are tampered with, and when her sexuality is soiled. As we journey through life, some things may happen outside our control that could damage any one, two or all of them but, to be completely honest, some of us just need to understand and value these gems, because we are giving them away in all the wrong places. We’re giving them away too carelessly and it’s damaging us.

As a woman, your heart is the epicenter of your being. It is the wellspring of life as the Bible clearly says and the moment it has been scarred, you can barely go on whole. Can you think of something or someone that you have given your heart to and they tore it apart? What did that do to you? Yes, it wrecked your emotions. Besides not eating for two days, you used the little energy left within you to build a tall stone wall around your heart to a point that nobody can come in. One thing that needs to dawn on us is that, when you build a wall to block hurt, you block love as well. Even those who genuinely care and try to reach out cannot access you anymore and you remain caged in your loneliness which damages you all the more. Be careful where you place your heart. Some hands are too cold you’ll freeze, others are too strong, they’ll push you away like the wind blows a leaf and others are too rough, they scrape through your very being and leave deep wounds.

Emotions. Now where do I even begin, haha, I mean, there’s literally no other being in this world that is so in tune with their emotions like a woman. Men do the thinking, we do the feeling. We also have the gift of intuition – the ability to read the fine print in a given situation. Many a times, we feel things but because sharing what we feel might lose us something we view bigger, we suppress our emotions, wrap them up and squeeze them to the bottom of our stomachs, and every day they bloat us. Emotions are closely tied to our spirits and our hearts and that’s why we need to have strong capability to manage and handle them well to live a great life.

Our bodies are so dearly precious. Hun, you have something that every man wants. You possess the ability to make him feel better than any successful business merger or football game could ever make him feel. Plus you hold the power to lengthen his days through producing generations that bear his name. That is powerful! It’s too powerful a gift to be abused or misused. There’s this song I hear on radio. It goes something like “shawty I don’t mind if you dance on a pole, that won’t make you a wh***”. So sorry, don’t mean to make this explicit but I can’t stomach this anymore! I’m sorry gurl, but when you go dancing on a pole for him before he seals the appropriate covenants with your Father(s), he’ll objectify you very easily and one split second will change your value in his eyes from God’s precious daughter to………whatever he’ll choose to call you. You hold the key to your precious cherry store. Please don’t loosen the grip.

Don’t throw your pearls to the swines. Don’t sell yourself short. I heard God whisper that to my Spirit. Beyond that, He wants to remind you and I that for the pearls we have thrown to the swines before, He has recovered them. He is a Restorer. All what the locusts have eaten, He can bring up again. God’s grace, no one can fathom! And as long as in all sincerity and brokenness you have fallen under the showers of His big love and grace, you can be cleansed anew. ‘I shouldn’t have let him touch me’ ‘I shouldn’t have worked in that office, ever’ ‘ I shouldn’t have entered his car’ ‘ I shouldn’t have gone to his house’ ‘ I shouldn’t have told him/her my deep secrets’ ‘I shouldn’t have kissed him’. Yes, I shouldn’t have; but because I can’t possibly go back in time, I can cling to the power that the cross gives me right now and give my pearls a new shine.

Sweetheart, it is all well in our Father. We are wonderful beloved princesses and He is not an absentee Father. The pearls He has given us, He teaches us how to take care of them. Some of us learn the lesson in time, while others learn it after a couple of stumbles. Either way, the most important thing is to grasp the lesson when it’s made clear to you and purpose to live within its boundaries from then on. He doesn’t want us to ever lose our pearls or lower their value. Whenever we dirty them or scrape them, He can polish them back into their glorious shine.

Let us be intentional about the handling of our pearls. It brings our Father joy.

Love you much gurl,

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