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Win together with God. Don’t seek to do it by yourself. Though the vision tarries, wait for it!

20th March, 2017

Dreams can take looooong to achieve! Which is what they should do, by heavenly design; because there is no point in merely achieving a goal without stretching some inner muscles.It becomes a hard pill to swallow when you are actually stuck in a stagnant tide – no beautiful waves coming your way that you could happily ski through. You are just there, waiting..or worse off….watching. Just gazing, because you most probably gave up waiting and now you are just staring so numbly, like there is nothing more to look forward to. Like God is done doing business with You. Disclaimer: You would rather be a wait-er, than a watcher.

..Though it tarries, wait for it.. (Habbakuk 2:3)

Once you understand your life’s vision, it is important to also recognize that it will also have its seasons. For instance, ministry has times of flooding of ideas and moments of scarcity, financial peaks as well as drops, very warm and receptive audiences as well as rock-hard ones, and more. In the process of carrying out our visions, regardless of what it is, we encounter periods where there is no face-value progress – the vision tarries. Of course our lack of spiritual growth can block the pathway of vision flow, but there are times it just tarries. Just because. It’s a part of the story.

We cannot bring the vision to fulfillment through our own efforts, but must live under its inspiration until it fulfils itself. There are times we try to be so practical that we forget the vision. We see the vision, set off to work and forget that we are not the ones to dictate the flow of activities. A vessel has no authority over its user. In the process, we can even lose the vision.

Waiting for the vision that “tarries” is the truest test of faithfulness to God. Only a faithful servant will stick with his master even when  there are no wholesome returns in the “company”. They will not seek a transfer or quit on the job. Instead, with the understanding of the season at hand, they will persevere with their master and work in even more closeness with them so that they may win together.

Win together with God. Don’t seek to do it by yourself. Though the vision tarries, wait for it!

Love love,


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