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17th March, 2017

Hey:0 I’d be right to say it’s been long. Consistency is my good friend but sometimes circumstances strangle her. I’m glad you are here though. I’m about to teach you a lesson..Your heart ready?

I’d like to share on something that has been SO BIG in my heart and my life, especially in the recent months.

I remember sharing with you some time what my symbolic view of life is. Every time I think ‘life’, I see a long winding never-ending road compounded with all kinds of features – dusty paths; rocky parts; smooth, neat and tarmacked areas; some with dry patchy grass and trees; others too green to short, I see journey.

Life is a cocktail of seasons. It has been deeply engraved in my heart that: i) In every season, God remains God, His power is not limited to any circumstances. Life is a series of changing seasons and an unchanging God. And to today’s main lesson..ii) Each season has a lesson; be careful not to miss the lesson.

Truth is, it is easier to miss the lesson in the tougher seasons. This is simply because whining, complaining and worrying often seem and feel easier superficially, compared to trusting God and communicating with Him in the midst of storms. Case scenario: I started this year with a lot of hope, expectations and a huge surge of energy that spilled over from 2016. However, things couldn’t seem to move and I have been doing my best not to give up hope and begin doing things in my own power – especially when it comes to ministry, because for it to have power, it must have the breath of God. At first it was turbulent and confusing, it became hard to make decisions and for a girl who likes to know Z from A, it’s been pretty hard. I knew I needed to pray even harder and when I did, God revealed to me that I am in a waiting season and that the real test of patience is not in waiting but in how I behave while waiting.

That hit me hard! And beautifully enough, from the moment I realized and accepted that, my heart became calmer, I was freed from worry and it became easier to see God in every situation. Day after day, God is teaching me a lot that I share on my social media pages, so please share in this journey with me when you can.

Quickly before I pen out:

Importance of life’s lessons:

They equip us for tougher seasons that lie ahead.

We become wiser and stronger from practically handling our situations.

It’s a good opportunity to exercise our faith muscles.

You are able to rightfully assist someone in a situation like one you had been through and conquered.

The Word becomes flesh within you.

They enrich you in the understanding of the nature and character of God.


End of my lesson:)

From my heart,


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