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9th Feb, 2017

One of the greatest and most honorable things that could happen to man is to be used of God. It’s beautiful how that can be ANY of us, all He needs is a “Here I am Lord, Use me”. On the first day of this month I had an amazing evening. I will tell you all about it. Have a seat:) Karibu hapa.

I found this (below) in my notepad, and it is simply what inspired this piece today:

“Together we celebrate our collective success, but never use our positions to measure up our effectiveness. We could be on top of the charts but still lost in the dark. So, instead, we’re just playing our parts and praying for changed hearts. Listen, it’s not the sound of the beat that turns a life around. It’s not the way the rhyme flows at a live show that revives souls, no, it is the Word of God we stand on. His power is perfected in our weakness, His Spirit bears witness in the heart of the believer. The artiste is just a vessel, a pen in His hands. It is all about the Redeemer. Dead men come alive when the Gospel is heard. So, the minister depends on God to work by His Spirit and His Word, to change hearts. It’s not about me, my gift or my skill. Hearts get changed when the Truth is revealed, when Christ is revealed.”

I may not remember when or in what situation this was written, but I know it rings true, to date. CITAM Valley Road; 1st Feb. Lots of familiar faces gathered in one place. On our way there with my sister, Makena, my heart was swollen with expectancy. I knew lots of great things were going to come out of the artiste’s prayer meeting, and so did she. I kept my heart open, to receive from God in whatever kind of way; be it revelation, rebuke, correction, new lessons...I yearned for it all. In a nutshell, the meeting was refreshing as ever! And these were my take-homes:

  • The Secret Place

This phrase was highlighted more times than many by almost each speaker that stepped on the altar. So much effort is put into sharpening skill, producing content, performance preparations and performances themselves yet the most vital thing is easily forgotten. ‘The Secret Place’ here, refers to the individual prayer space – where all battles are fought on the knees firstly, where content is inspired, derived and dedicated, where anointing is refreshed, where God does His ‘I-will-tell-you-great-and-unsearchable-things’ kind of thing. Personal prayer time is very important. One of my favorite verses from Colossians 1:17 says “He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.” Seek Him first. Time to set up that war room, dearie!

  • Value and appreciate the gifts of others in love

Stay in your own lane and run your own race. Nothing good comes off comparison and competition. It’s all things jealousy, pride, hatred and more that come off the subscription to the competition and comparison game. God does not judge you according to the talents of others, He judges you according to your own. His yardstick for measuring faithfulness is how faithful you are with your own gifts. You are not responsible for the nature of your gift, but you are responsible for how you use it. It should give us all joy to see God being glorified through the gifts of others.

  • Brokenness

While in a field where adoration and praises come at you so often, it is easy to get so caught up with oneself that you forget who you serve. Brokenness cannot dwell in a prideful heart. Like the 24 elders, our crowns are of no meaning compared to what God has put in us and what He upholds. David says in Psalms 51:17, “ My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, you, God, will not despise.”

Brokenness allows for healing. Brokenness allows for transformation. Brokenness allows for the power of God to work from within us.


That’s pretty much it my people:)

Trust you’re blessed.

Love and more love,


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