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5th Jan, 2018

Hello and Happy New Year Beloved:) 2018 is here with us. Glory to the author of time, Who has made it possible for us to experience a new chapter in the rhythm of nature.

Looking through the socials on the last week of December, I read through different narrations of the 2017 that had been – what 365 days did in the lives of different people and for most, their hopes for 2018 contrary to ’17 or above what ’17 had to offer. It was interesting, and also brought me to appreciate how life shows its face to each us in different and unique ways. While some appreciated the lives around them, others recounted the ones they lost to permanent sleep. While others celebrated jobs and opportunities, others reminisced life’s battering hand; lack, loss and pain. While some marveled at the gift of the heart, others mourned and nursed broken hearts. Engagements, weddings, graduations and promotions highlighted some lives, while others still await their turn.  

I think it’s all just beautiful how God weaves it all together for each of us within the same span of time. In all the contrastive stories, I see a Supreme, Indescribable God at work and I celebrate His part in it all. If you followed through with this my public journal through the year, then I believe you may know how the Almighty worked in my life through 2017. I know I don’t spell it out forthrightly but that’s where the art in me comes to play. It was the hardest year in my 21 years with breath in my lungs – wading through the waters of loss, desolation, anxiety, burn-out and pain; spiritual battles and whirlwinds. Quite difficult, but in the end, flourishing. Some of the wells have been deeper than I could account for, but I know the scars will live to tell stories through the outpouring of my heart through the spirit of art and the work of the Holy Spirit through my life. I will never deny you wonderful people the chance to witness who God means to me and His power in and through my life that’s completely given to Him.

Seasons come and go; time is ever fleeting – completely irredeemable. With a new year, comes 365 fresh opportunities; one for each of the days that makes the weeks and months we live through. That’s profound. God created time but He doesn’t live in it. He lives in eternity but wove time for our sake. It’s really beautiful that we live under an on-time God who is NEVER left behind in the motion of time. He is the King of rhythm; the Master of process; Chief Orchestrator of time. This, to me, means that He is not left behind in all the newness and freshness that comes with the 1st of January, every year. I believe that, as the King of our hearts, He holds our days in His hands. He marks out ways for us. He has in His mind and heart what He would want for us to do and to be. In seeking Him, we find it.

“There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.”

Prov 23:18

As 2017 wound up, in a very personal way, God freed me of weights and burdens. He wound up my wounds and refreshed me. It meant a lot to me because it had previously been very hard to even begin to plan out another year that was fast approaching, making me more anxious. I felt opened up to do MORE, be MORE, love MORE, sing MORE, write MORE, smile MORE, experience MORE of His life is me and….MORE.  It’s so beautiful how much God can do with a willing and surrendered heart; a broken and contrite spirit. Nothing will ever beat His love and grace. I am refreshed, and ready for MORE.

The divine reason for time is for purpose to be fulfilled and good fruit be born. A new year is a heavenly blessing upon each of us; 365 opportunities to fulfill why we live. As you forge forward in courage, taking risks and braving odds, my best wishes are with you. As seasons unfold, never forget that His Presence is ever a constant factor and His love is consistent. The race is not for the swift but for the fulfillers. Fulfillers don’t settle. Fulfillers don’t gt comfortable. Fulfillers pursue MORE, they take on MORE, the live MORE. So here’s to a year of more. 

Love and more love,


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