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11th September, 2017


I trust you have had an amazing week. Mine has been infused with lots of serenity and gushes of joy in  between; and for that I’m more than grateful to my Maker. Just to dwell a little bit on what we have been chewing on over the past week, a good friend of mine is involving me in one of her upcoming projects which requires me to look back into the life of the teenage Karwirwa. She asked me if I could also attach some photos of myself as a teenager to go with the story and it hit me that I barely have any. I recalled deleting nearly all of them one time. I swept clean my Facebook account as well, in fact, I deleted the account and started afresh. Why? Partly because I didn’t really love that girl I saw in those pictures and mostly because I was tired of being bound in that feeling. It’s an account I should be sharing sooner or later, if I haven’t already. I’m just grateful that God set me free from my bits of childhood pains and it is my prayer that last week’s piece awakened something in you, to have Him do the same within you.

Karibu hapa:) I’m always glad you can come around..

Last Friday, I got to share in Word at Reign City Bible Study – a thriving ministry put together by one of my great friends, Damorn. God led me to share on Steadiness and He might just not be all that done with getting that message out of me because what I will share with you this week lingers around that topic, pretty much.

The very first thing that God placed in my heart when I thought about what it takes to build a steady life is the very first principle in the Bible.

“In the beginning, GOD…..”

Gen 1:1

Before ANYTHING, there was God. His Spirit was hovering still over the waters before anything could exist. And it’s here that we are introduced to the very first Bible principle. The principle from which all other principles spring forth – because in its absence, nothing else would be. This is the principle of THE SUPREMACY OF GOD.

Understanding this principle lays the foundation on which we can build everything in our lives. He began the beginning, He set everything in its place and to date, He covers His creation in His love and might. It’s sad that sin came and bridged quite a gap between the Supreme One and what He made. But, in His grace, He still found a way to bring it all back to Himself. You’ve most probably often heard people say, “I am nothing without God.” And true to the statement, we really aren’t.

Is it always a natural statement though? When we get the money, when we set up the lucrative business, when we settle with the one we love…is it often that we bring it all back to Him and place our security in Him?

One beautiful thing about God that I have come to even see in my life is that, beyond Him being Alpha (beginning), He is a Sustainer. What He starts you off in, He will sustain you in, unless you loosen your grip on Him. Another thing is that, He never ever changes. He ain’t shifty. That said, let’s look at what Psalms 127:1 says:

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain."

In pursuit of steadiness in our homes, workplaces, personal lives and the much that goes into living a great life, this verse reminds us that it is very important to involve God from the beginning. In our human nature, there is only so much we can do for ourselves. It is possible to accomplish all these things without God’s blessings, but it is not possible to accomplish them purposefully and with eternal value without God’s blessings.

The things we do on our own, without God’s authorization, seldom work. There are many houses a human being gets to build through their life – family, relationships, businesses, etc. What I’d like to remind us today is to put God before and above everything we do. This begins with having a relationship with Him – which is basically the premise of all other relationships and life’s nitty-gritty. In my personal walk with God, I have grown to know Him as a very calm and loving God Whose ears are open to anything we would have to say to Him in all brokenness and sincerety. Some things seem hard to tell God because we cannot even tell them to any other human being. We fear to be embarrassed about some stuff, but God leads us through all without bringing in guilt or fear.

I’d like to end by urging each of us to check every area of our lives. Is God Alpha and Omega in it? Many of us find ourselves in places where we are asking God to bless our misdeed. We get down on our knees, ask Him to bless a business we started on stolen money, a relationship you know He isn’t for or that He may help us come out of a situation in all the wrong ways. He can’t! He never contradicts Himself and therefore cannot speak a blessing on something He didn’t ordain.

In this life, it all comes down to One – God Almighty. The first and most important thing in living a steady life is recognizing God’s Might, putting Him above all and abiding in Him.


Blessings and love,


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