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God is lovingly always reaching out to us to heal us from our wounds. Our faith in Him can do so much for us if we're willing to open up to His healing power.

30th Sept, 2016

There are very many Christians who are ALWAYS trying, NEVER getting anywhere.  They’re constantly empty, afraid, disturbed, frustrated……They are burnt out and only a shell of existence remains. At 20, they feel 126 – tired and bored with life.

In my growth in faith, I have come to learn that faith without surrender is null. I recall many times when I was praying oh so fervently and soon after my ‘Amen’ I go about trying to solve what I should have just left at His feet. Sometimes because I thought God was too busy, other times because I felt as though it was too big a thing to leave in the hands of One I had never seen. Completely unfortunate…..

Faith, hope and trust in God were elements I would often speak about but the words were only in my mouth and unfortunately quite far from my heart. I thank God I found my healing. I thank Him for helping me recognize the discontentment I bore and just how faithless I was. And I thank Him even the more for teaching me the true meaning of faith. Truth of the matter is, there would have been no transformation within me without a teachable spirit and the desire to get better. And this brings me to my first question; do you actually want to heal?

Because He really wants to heal you.

The Word, in it’s power, never fails to accomplish transformation and bring about impact. But many people in the world today are stuck in the lie that they need to help God play His part; whereas the opposite is true. Hence, they bear a frustrating faith. A faith that would even discourage a non-believer  from taking a dip into the pool of Christianity. A faith so frustrating, it gets you thinking of God as the king of disappointers and the least of promise-keepers. Beyond that, it’s the kind of faith that limits God because it is not cognizant of His ability to take care of the matter at hand – it is not confident in His promise. There is nothing more required of us other than to give God something to work with, and that something is FAITH.

It’s high time you stop trying and trying and trying even more. It’s clearly quite draining and in your power, you cannot. Holding on to the rope can sometimes hurt more than it would do to let go. Again, it’s easy to just read through this piece, feel challenged, say “Amen” and go on trying. That’s why today, I want to emphasize on the willingness to heal, more than anything else – because, if anything is going to happen, it’s going to be through God’s power and might and nothing of your own. With a heart of stone, you will never progress. I have tasted of this and I know, God is so loving and so kind and so gracious and He loves it when we surrender. He loves to be King over our lives. Jesus made this tremendous promise to us, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” –(Matthew 21:22) Prayer is a relationship. It is not, merely begging from God -it is “BELIEVING” God and His word. Take your pain to the cross and let Him lift off your burden. Simply let go.

Simple, uncomplicated faith receives healing. Mark 5:34 – He said to her, “ Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”

I call on you to examine your heart and see what is missing. With God’s help, search yourself in deep. Let God fill all your empty spaces. Let God soften the rigidity. Having done so, you will live a life of abundance and joy. Please keep this in mind too: He said, “take heart…for I have overcome the world.

A prayer you could say: “Dear Lord, I wait in Your presence that faith may increase in me. Teach me to lean on You. Teach me to listen to You. Teach me to learn your ways and move in accord with You. Please heal my spirit, my mind and my emotions, that I may live a life of abundance.”


Peace be yours.


Karwirwa Laura.

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